Dr. Malina Fielder

Dr. Malina Fielder is a practicing veterinarian and experienced animal nutritionist in Brisbane, Australia. She has more than 30 years of experience in nutrition, small animal medicine and surgery. She is the creator of MHD (Modified Human Diet) plans for pets.

Dr. Fielder is passionate about animals and interested in animal rights.
 In her opinion, vegan diets for dogs are considered optimal and healthy as long as those diets are complete and balanced, which means they are created based on the professionally calculated diet plans and made from good quality ingredients. She recommends vegan food for dogs because of the well-known benefits of plant based diets, such as detoxification and improved liver and kidney health. Vegan dog food, in general, improves the quality of coat, decreases external and internal parasites, improves arthritic signs and helps with thyroid problems. Dr. Fielder recommends v-dog as one of the best plant based food for dogs.

You can contact Dr. Fielder directly on ridgewoodrdvet@live.com.au for advice regarding vegan diets for pets.

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