Dr. Marybeth Minter

DVM, Colorado State University.  Mariposa Veterinary Service, Kanab, UT.

Marybeth Minter, DVM, grew up in northwest Wyoming. She earned her veterinary degree from Colorado State University in 1987. General practice (large and small animal) was her next step. From 1999-2001 she took the CSU veterinary acupuncture and manipulative therapy courses and in 2003 completed Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy. She continues to attend and contribute to Advanced Meetings in Veterinary Homeopathy through the Pitcairn Institute of Veterinary Homeopathy (previously Animal Natural Health Center, developed by Dr. Richard Pitcairn). Starting Mariposa Veterinary Service in 1998 as a holistic veterinary practice, she continues to offer homeopathic phone consults. A vegan since 2014, she feeds a plant-based diet to her own dog and helps interested clients successfully transition their animals to healthy, humane and sustainable diets.

"After seeing the livestock industry in action, and coming from a place of compassion, health and environmental concern, I am an advocate of feeding a plant-based diet for dogs and cats. Many of my patients have attained improved health with a plant-based diet alone. V-dog has been an important ingredient in helping my patients achieve better health."

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