Dr. Simon Alvarez

Simón Álvarez, or better known as Dr. Simon Fit, is a Venezuelan surgeon and veterinarian, certified in plant-based nutrition in the US by the T. Colin Campbell Center of Nutrition Studies. Author of the book "And they lived healthy forever." Co-founder of The Cocinita, a vegan and vegetarian gastronomy project in the city of Miami. In addition, recognized as the most outstanding professional in health sciences in 2018 by the Inter-American Society for Research, Health, Business Development and Technologies (SIISDET) and the maximum leader in excellence in health 2018 by the World Association for Excellence in Health (AMES).

Dr. Simon Fit, also known for his Instagram user @drsimonfit, has dedicated himself to being a communicator of medical information for his entire community on social networks. 

During the process that Simón lived with cancer, he confirmed that nutrition and the knowledge of what can affect us in our day to day life is essential to slow down or reverse chronic diseases.

"Our pets are fortunate to have our protection and love, but not all of them are so lucky. Many animals right now are suffering to meet the animal protein needs of our society.

"Fortunately, today we have nutritionally complete options, such as v-dog, that allow us to feed and keep our pets healthy without harming others. I also think that it is a duty of all of us who love animals and the planet to minimize the suffering of others and reduce the environmental impact that we produce with our food. The food that our dogs and cats consume produces more than 64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year that's the equivalent of driving more than 13 million cars."

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