breath bones


With natural and simple ingredients, these completely plant-based chews improve your pup's dental health, provide a satisfying chew bone for your dog, and also give them extra fresh breath for plenty of kisses. 


Brown rice flour, rice flour, vegetable glycerin, water, tapioca starch, sweet potatoes, carrageenan, pumpkin, carrots, calcium carbonate, natural pumpkin flavor, cinnamon, chia seed, broccoli, parsley, spinach, fat product (natural source of DHA from algae), alfalfa.

Caloric Content
121 kcal ME/treat

Guaranteed analysis
Crude Protein: 5% min
Crude Fat: 1.2% min
Crude Fiber: 4.5% max
Moisture: 15% max

8.5oz per bag
Approx. 6 treats per bag

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FAQs about Breath Bones

How big are the regular breath bones?

Our regular size breath bones are 4” long.

How many come in a bag?


How many should I give my dog per day?

Since the breathbones are a treat we don't have precise serving sizes, but many dog parents give one per day. We recommend introducing any new food or treat gradually.

What are cases?

Cases contain multiples of the same product at a significant discount. For example, your kibble case for large dogs would contain 2 x 24 LB bags, and your case of mini breath bones would contain 12 single bags of mini breath bones.

What's the benefit of ordering a case?

Ordering a little more saves us a little on shipping, so we simply pass along those saving to our customers. So if you're ordering for more than one dog or you're planning ahead, you can save 5% (or 15% with a subscription) on a kibble case of 24LB bags, more than 25% (or more than 35% with a subscription) on a mini bites case of 4.5LB bags, and 10% (or 20% with a subscription) on cases of various treats.

Can I add cases to my subscription?

Absolutely. In fact, when you add cases to your subscription, you get an additional discount. If your case of kibble is 5% off and you add it to your 10% off subscription, you're really getting 15% off along with free shipping to your door.

Customer Reviews

Based on 231 reviews
Elaine A.
Serena is a poodle mix

She adores Breathbones! One of our most difficult tasks is giving her only one a day. (OK, two.)

Jo I.
My seniors love them!

We have been rescuing senior pups for over 20 yrs ... Everyone rushes out for their last pee break of the night - knowing they'll get their favorite treat upon return ... They are all so excited and we are happy knowing they are enjoying a vegan, healthy snack ...

Kelly R.
They smell divine!

Do they work on humans? Seriously, these breath bones smell so yummy. My dog Rufus loves them. They take a bit longer to chew than other dental bones which I appreciate. His teeth are in good shape! I give one after dinner/before bed.

My two dogs love their mini breath bones!

I have been buying mini breath bones for years. These dogs are sometimes finicky with different foods, but luckily they LOVE these breath bones! This is VERY important since teeth health is of utter importance, and I can feel good knowing they can have teeth health without hurting other animals! What's not to love?

My dogs love them

My dogs love them. Here's a little trick I use: I leave the bag open and they harden up a bit. Then it occupies them for longer as they chew on the bone. These vegan treats are the best, andy dogs get excited when I open the bag.

Best Breath

The breath bones have become a ritual after dinner. Ernie will turn and look at us and there's a bit of an apprehensive stand-off as eye contact is made and he waits for us to simply say "BONE!" He actually plows through his dinner because he knows what's next. He sits in his spot on the couch (yes, he has a spot on the couch), and waits to be served his bone. The bones themselves are doing a great job in helping keep his teeth clean and his breath sweet!

Our boys love these!

Keeps them busy for a while and they love them!! Thanks for making healthy vegan treats!

My dog’s favorite!

My dog Ziba absolutely loves these. She goes crazy when I go to get one for her. I also love them because they’re a safe alternative to other chews and treats. She actually takes her time eating it because it takes her a while to chew it up and she’s 75lbs. Also I have to say these smell wonderful! By far the best treat out there.

Bed time treat

Every night after dinner, Leo, our German Shepard, waits patiently next to the shelf where we store the breath bones. He will not leave until he gets his dessert - then off to bed.

My Hana loves them

My GSD Hana loves these breathbones!! They smell really fresh too. It makes me feel good giving it to her knowing I can understand all the ingredients on the list. Very clean treat for your dog!