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Receive 25% OFF our veterinarian-approved formula Kind Kibble, soft food, and healthy treats your pup will love.

Health & Nutrition

Countless dogs all over the world now thrive on our nutritionally complete and AAFCO-approved kibble. Formulated by canine nutritionists and veterinarians, our formula contains prebiotics for better digestion, healthy fats, and essential amimo acids to ensure your pup enjoys a long and healthy life.


My Yorkie used to have pancreatitis flare-ups every other month on the protein, low-fat diet prescribed by the vet. Ever since we switched to v-dog mini bites, his symptoms have completely gone away. I really do love your product and promote it to all the dog lovers I know.

Once I made the switch and my Blue Heeler got to an optimal weight, his allergies and mystery ailments disappeared. My entire family switched all their dogs to a vegan diet, which included v-dog kibble and wiggle biscuits. Then my boss also switched all 4 of her dogs. I can’t say enough v-dog. So grateful to your company.

My 130-pound seven-year-old mastiff mix has been enjoying v-dog kibble every day for two years now. He’s energetic, full of spunk, and his coat is LUXURIOUS. So glad I found this dog food for my sweetie. He’s thriving!

When I started my dog on v-dog kibble, he had itchy red skin and a very thin coat on his back. Now he has very little itching, and his coat grew in thicker. Thanks, v-dog!

My senior boxer mix LOVES her v-dog kibble! My girl has struggled with itchy, dry, irritated skin and coat. We noticed an improvement within days of starting the transition to v-dog. Never going back! Thank you for offering a safe, healthy, clean, and cruelty-free kibble option! My dog LOVES it!

Keiko had her blood work checked by her vet, and her diabetes numbers are great. This food is amazing!

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