FAQ - Discounts and Pricing

Does v-dog offer any discounts or coupons?
Yes! We do offer flash sales every now and again, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get alerts about new products and promotions

The best ongoing discount that we offer is our "Subscribe and Save" option. If you sign up for a subscription order, your pup's v-dog arrives at your front door automatically at the interval of your choice (with free shipping over $29.99), and you save 10% on every order.

To set up a subscription, simply select "Subscribe and Save" before adding each product to your cart. You can review more information about our subscription here.


Why isn't v-dog cheaper than other brands?
The short answer is that v-dog is actually less expensive per pound compared to many other plant-based kibbles. We sustainably source only the highest quality vegan ingredients for our nutritionally complete formula, but our ultimate goal is to make sure we never adversely impact the quality of our products (and the ethics of our mission-based company) while creating an affordable kibble that's accessible to the most people.

Many companies that use animal products in their formulation are only able to lower their costs by sourcing low-quality (and inhumane) meat that comes from already dead, dying, or diseased animals (which no omnivorous human would ever eat).

Saving animals and protecting the planet is incredibly important to our team of vegans, and we make every effort to pass any savings we recoup in our production process on to our customers. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email us at support@v-dog.com.


What are v-dog bundles?
We currently offer the v-dog wag bags to one-time customers who want a single bag of all our treats along with our zero-waste shampoo bar at a 10% discount (20% off if added to a subscription). You can also try our new variety pack to try our kibble and all our treats.

So too, we offer cases of our treats, 2-packs of our regular kind kibble, and 4-packs of our mini bites kibble at a significant discount for v-dog customers and subscribers.