FAQ - Health and Lifestyle

What is dental health?
Dental hygiene is super important to your dog’s overall health. Neglecting your furry friend’s dental hygiene can result in costly and dangerous medical procedures later in life. Gently brushing your dog’s teeth on a daily basis is the best way to remove plaque and prevent the buildup of tartar over the years. Including a daily dental chew like the v-dog breathbones is also an easy and enjoyable way to boost your pup's dental hygiene routine. Read more about best dental hygiene practices and beneficial ingredients here.


How can I learn about my senior dog's health?
All pet parents inevitably have to adapt to the needs of their pups as they advance in years, and switching them to a plant-based diet can be one of the easiest ways of boosting your senior dog's health right away. Our complete, balanced, and AAFCO-approved kibble is naturally anti-inflammatory, easily digestible, and overall gentler on your older pup's system than its meat-based counterpart. In fact, many senior dogs see drastic improvements in their mobility, energy levels, and quality of life after making the switch. All dogs start to suffer from some common troubles as they get older, including joint pain, arthritis, digestion issues, allergies, diabetes, kidney problems, hearing loss, vision impairment, and other lasting ailments, but you can learn how to maximize your dog’s quality of life and keep your canine youngsters in prime condition for years to come from this handy guide about senior health management.


How can v-dog help with allergies?
Many dogs have allergic reactions to pollen, spores, and other plants in the environment, and as a result, you may notice your canine companion excessively itching their skin, pawing at their runny eyes, or licking/chewing their paws. So too, ingredients in their daily meals may also disrupt healthy digestion and trigger their allergy symptoms, including developing skin rashes and unhealthy coats (excessive shedding, patchy fur, etc.). Luckily, pet parents who switch their pups to v-dog eliminate inflammatory ingredients and common allergens (corn, soy, wheat, etc.) from their diets, thus clearing up these scary reactions and improving your furry friend's overall health. You can learn more about how you can manage your dog's environmental and food allergies here.


What is heart health?
The health of your dog's heart is vitally important to the quality of their life and their longevity, and of course, we all want to support their cardiovascular welfare with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Though some people might feel skeptical of plant-based kibbles, our nutritionally complete and AAFCO-approved formula has all the protein, amino acids (including taurine), healthy fats, and crude fiber that your dog needs to develop and maintain a strong heart for their whole life. Learn more about your dog's heart health and the cardiovascular impact of vegan diets here.