FAQ - Product Questions

Is v-dog making any new products? How can I make a suggestion?
The v-dog team is constantly exploring new ideas for plant-based products, and we welcome your feedback and customer impressions about delicious (and functional) vegan treats. Please email us at support@v-dog.com with your suggestions.


How big are the kibble pieces?
Our regular-sized kibble is approximately 1/2 inch in diameter, and our mini bites kibble is approximately 1/4 inch in diameter. Both sizes use the same great formula, but we recommend our mini bites for dogs with small mouths or trouble chewing.


How many cups of kibble come in each bag?
Our 24LB bag holds approximately 90 cups of kibble.

Our 4.5LB bag of mini bites holds approximately 18 cups of kibble.


Which breathbone size is best for my dog?
Breathbones are hard chews that freshen your dog's breath and cleans their teach as they gnaw on them. We currently offer them in mini and regular sizes. The mini breathbones are 3 inches long, and each bag contains approximately 10 chews. The regular breathbones are 4 inches long, and each bag contains approximately 6 chews.


What type of packaging does v-dog use?
Protecting the environment and maintaining sustainability across all our products and packaging is extremely important to our team. With that in mind, we've partnered with the organization rePurpose, whose mission is to reduce global plastic waste and to restore nature's balance, so that we remain a "plastic negative" company. For every pound of plastic we use to package our products, the incredible people at rePurpose removed 2 pounds from oceans and landfills. Learn more about our plastic negative commitment here.


Does v-dog make any cat products?
At this time, we are focusing on expanding our vegan dog products, but please feel free to send us adorable photos of all your furry friends!


Is v-dog coming out with a wet food?
Yes, we've been developing an amazing 100% vegan wet food for the past year, and we hope to release it to customers by early 2023, so mark your calendar because your pup is gonna want some cans soon!


How soft is the v-dog kind jerky?
Our incredibly popular kind jerky is a great option for all dogs small or large. Though some bags will vary in moistness and pliability, the jerky is a slightly tougher treat that will satisfy mild to heavy chewers. However, our team is currently developing a much softer treat for smaller dogs and more senior canines with teeth problems.


What's inside the v-dog shampoo bar?
Our zero-waste shampoo bar is made from all-natural plant-based ingredients with incredible benefits for your canine companion.

  • Essential oils help repel bugs, including fleas.
  • Neem oil is anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing.
  • Castor oil is conditioning with skin-regenerating ability.
  • Shea butter is extra moisturizing.
  • Oatmeal will soothe your pup's itchy or irritated skin.

Ingredients include the following: Saponified oils of pomace olive, coconut, castor, neem, and shea butter, ground oatmeal, neem powderm essential oils of cedarwood, lavender, citronella, and lemon.