FAQ - Subscriptions and Reorders

How do I set up a subscription?
Setting up a subscription is easy. Simply select the "Subscribe and Save" option on each product you'd like to receive and then select your shipping interval of choice (with free shipping over $29.99). Your pup's v-dog will arrive at your front door automatically as scheduled, and you'll save 10% on every order. It's a win-win!

Learn more about our "Subscribe and Save" program and set up your v-dog subscription here.


How much do I save when I sign up for a subscription?
You automatically save 10% on every order when you have a subscription set up with v-dog! Sign up for marking emails here and receive a special one-time use coupon code for joining the v-dog pack!


How much is shipping for a subscription order?
All our customers (whether subscribers or one-time purchasers) received free shipping on orders over $29.99. Your subscription will automatically ship for free if you exceed that dollar amount.


How do I cancel or edit my subscription?
We've made it easy for you to cancel or edit your subscription. Simply log in to your account here, and click on the "Manage Subscriptions" button. Once there, you can make changes to the products, order frequency, and next shipping date for your subscription order. (There are no fees to edit or cancel your subscription.)

Unfortunately, we aren't able to guarantee cancellations the day of order processing because of our optimized fulfillment and quick shipping. Please be sure to edit/cancel your subscription order at least 3 days before its scheduled ship date to guarantee our system can process that update. We'll send you a reminder email in case you forget as well. Thanks for your understanding!

If you're not seeing the reminder emails in your inbox, we highly recommend adding support@v-dog.com to your contacts list to ensure they're not getting filtered as spam. Some email servers have pretty aggressive spam filtering, so we've found that adding that email helps a lot.

If you have additional questions about your subscription, please email us at support@v-dog.com.


How do I change the interval of my subscription or get my shipment early?
You can easily pause your shipment, change your shipping intervals, or request your order ship immediately within your subscription portal. To adjust your shipping schedule, you can log into your account here and then click the "Manage Subscriptions" button. Once there, you can simply make adjustments as you'd like, or you can click "get it now" if you need to restock at home early and want us to ship your products immediately.


How can I change my payment information?
We understand that subscribers sometimes need to update their method of payment, and we want to make the process as simple as possible for you.

If you're using a mobile device, you can sign into your account at v-dog.com. Click "Manage Subscriptions," and then click the small arrow at the top left side of the screen (below the three bars). Finally, click "update your payment information," and follow the link sent to the email address on file to update the payment attached to your account.

If you're using a computer or laptop, you can log into your account at v-dog.com. Click "Manage Subscriptions," and then click "payment methods" (on the left hand side of the page). You can then select the payment method you would like to update and click "update payment method." Next, follow the link sent to the email address on file to update the payment attached to your account.

If you have any problems with updating your payment method, you can reach out to our customer service team at support@v-dog.com.