With 100% complete & balanced nutrition, v-dog proudly meets or exceeds AAFCO adult dog food nutritional standards and is veterinarian approved.

V-Dog is free from cheap fillers like corn, wheat & soy, making it easy on the belly.

Our animal-free kibble contains ingredients you can trust, without any of the stuff you don't.

Our yummy formula is packed with 24% plant-based protein that dogs go nuts for.

Since 2005, we've seen thousands of pooches (and counting), live long, happy lives on V-Dog.

Can dogs really be vegan?

Current research out of the University of Davis, California, and the University of Uppsalla in Sweden independently suggest that modern pooches have evolved to develop the digestive enzymes to break down starches and plant-based proteins. This process began approximately 7,000 years ago with dogs who migrated to South East Asia and who thrived on a rice-based diet.

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