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Can dogs really
be vegan?
I mean,

Current research out of the University of Davis, California, and the University of Uppsalla in Sweden independently suggest that modern pooches have evolved to develop the digestive enzymes to break down starches and plant-based proteins. This process began approximately 7,000 years ago with dogs who migrated to South East Asia and who thrived on a rice-based diet.

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Veterinarian approved.

Dogs can be healthy and in fact, thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet, as long as all necessary nutrient requirements are met. Dogs are biologically omnivorous, but can adapt well to a plant-based diet which meets all their nutritional needs. It's important that the food be digested easily as well as have good palatability. One of the most common ailments in dogs is skin allergies, which may sometimes be due to food allergy. Much of the time a dog has a food allergy it is to a meat protein such as beef, chicken, or one of the other common meat sources. Vegetarian diets may bring these food allergic dogs relief from their skin allergies.

By Armaiti May, D.V.M, C.V.A. of Dr. May's Veterinary House Calls

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Vegetarian Diets Can Be Healthy for Dogs

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"10 years ago, Colin started getting outbreaks of hives all over his body and severe ear infections. So we made the switch to V-dog and he's never had another allergy flare up since then.

- Samantha Laos Kaylor

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