Formulation and Production

Where is v-dog kibble made?
We manufacture our kibble right here in the United States with 100% vegan ingredients. Unfortunately, there are no fully plant-based manufacturers for dog food anywhere in the world, but we are constantly working with manufacturers to try to realize this vision. However, we're proud to have the most stringent quality standards for production. We produce all our kibble fresh on a month-to-month basis to ensure the highest quality vegan product, and although our kibble is produced on shared equipment, we require all our manufacturing partners to undergo a full sanitation clean break on all equipment before producing any v-dog products.


Does v-dog have a veterinary nutritionist on staff? Who formulates v-dog's products?
V-dog works with PhD pet food experts and veterinary nutritionists to formulate new products and ensure that our existing products comply with all AAFCO standards for canine nutrition. As a small company, we do not have a nutritionist on staff, but we continuously consult with many nutritionists on product formulation and also work closely with a team of veterinarians who have extensive experience with vegan diets for dogs.


Does v-dog kibble meet AAFCO standards? Does v-dog use AAFCO feeding trials?
Our kind kibble meets with all AAFCO standards for adult dog nutrition. As a vegan company, we don't support animal testing, so we never participate with laboratory feeding trials. To meet with AAFCO standards, we submit our products for extensive nutrient analysis that clearly demonstrates their composition, shelf life, and complete nutrition profile. We've been producing and selling our kibble since 2005, and our team has seen tens of thousands of dogs thrive on our formula.


What quality measures do you use to assure consistency and quality? Have v-dog products ever been recalled?
All our products undergo a 48-hour hold post-production, during which time they are tested for quality, safety, and nutrition. V-dog has not had any recalls since going into business in 2005.