Read about the healthy changes dogs experience when they switch to v-dog

Itchy, dry, and irritated skin is gone.

"My senior boxer mix LOVES her v-dog kibble! My girl has struggled with itchy, dry, irritated skin and coat. We noticed an improvement within days of starting the transition to v-dog. Never going back! Thank you for offering a safe, healthy, clean, and cruelty-free kibble option! My dog LOVES it!"

-Holli J.

Coat improvement, arthritis and pee accidents disappeared

THE ANSWER IS V-DOG!  "I am a true devotee! I first started feeding V-dog to my aging pit...several years ago. It completely changed his health and well-being...he went on to live to be 17. His weight and coat improved....arthritis disappeared...even his pee accidents ended completely and his phenomenal energy and agility amazed everyone! When walking with him, neighbors always asked, "what's his secret?" The answer was V-dog! I am so grateful that his quality of life was directly improved by feeding him this awesome vegan dog food. Our new dog has loved V-dog from the day he joined our family. Not sure what he ate in the shelter but V-dog has totally been working it's magic again. I'm a loyal and hearty cheerleader for this incredible dog food! Yay for plant powered pups! Thank you V-dog!!!"

-Cynthia K.


"My Yorkie used to have pancreatitis flareups every other month on the protein, low fat diet prescribed by the Vet. Ever since we switched to V-dog, his symptoms have completely gone away. I really do love your product and promote it to all the dog lovers I know." 

-Ileene P.


"I switched my dogs to V-dog with hope it was going to help with my 10 year old German Shepherd mix’s hip arthritis and inflammation. She has always been an active dog and to see her not be able to walk down the block without being in pain, unable to walk, and sad the next day broke my heart. I am a plant based, health conscious vegan myself and I understand what animal byproduct can do to a body. After research and hearing how other dogs have benefited from switching I bought the first bag. Within just a couple weeks of being on this food, Harley has done a complete 180! She has more energy, no pain after walks, her coat is shinier, and her sass is back! Needless to say she’s never going back to other dog food and I highly recommend it to my dog owner friends!"

Jasmine H.

Vet approved… we have never gone back!

"When we decided to go vegan we figured the hardest part would be figuring out what to do with our dogs food. Originally we figured dogs needed to eat an animal based diet because, well, dogs are carnivores. After doing a little research we found V-dog and were a little skeptical. We talked to our vet and he said he didn't see why it would be an issue if our dog was getting all the nutrients she needs and to give it a try. We tried it out and never turned back! Our dog loves the food, she didn't lose any energy or show any signs of malnourishment. We absolutely love what this company is doing and wouldn't think of changing the food."

Eric B.

Bye-Bye Seizures!

"Our dog is a 13 year old Morkie with liver disease. He was having intermittent seizures until our vet diagnosed a liver shunt and put him on vegetarian food. He has been seizure free for several years now and we really count on your food along with Royal Canin Vegetarian canned food."

-Mike D.

Diabetic with great numbers since 2013.

"Keiko had her blood work checked by her vet and her diabetes numbers are great. This food is amazing!"

Jesse Armaline

Brittle hair, emaciated. No longer!

"I've been vegan for 3 years now & was always concerned about what my non-human family was putting in their body. After extensive research on the pet food industry, I had to find something different for them. I've been feeding V-Dog mini bites kibble for over a year now & it's a big hit for both Rey (dachshund/chihuahua/terrier mix) and Sam (yorkshire terrier). Rey usually has no problem with standard size kibble, but Sam is a little smaller and the mini kibble are his favorite. Since switching to V-Dog, Rey has not had any allergy flare ups, her GI system is functioning perfectly and her hair has never looked better. Sam was picky with food, emaciated & his hair was brittle when we first rescued him last year. He's since put on the appropriate amount of weight & his hair looks amazing. Plus they LOVE the breath bones!"


They traded allergy shots for v-Dog and never looked back.

"My lab has been miserable with itching because of food allergies. We were buying all different kinds of expensive foods. Also expensive allergy shots. Nothing was working. A few months ago I ran across v-dog on and thought I'd give it a try. Oh my goodness after a couple weeks her itching was less than none and her fur is growing back!! Been a world of difference. Our other lab is diabetic and thyroid issues and he enjoys it as well!!"

-Kathy N.

Vegan rescue boys

"Byler is the larger tan tripod (he still had the leg in a few of the pictures) and Matey is the little white and brown nugget. Byler is 8 and Matey is 5.

Both boys have been vegan since I took them in as fosters. Byler gets sick whenever he’s had meat based dog food and refuses to eat it now. He’ll sniff it and walk away. Before his amputation, we had bloodwork done to make sure he was healthy enough to undergo such a major surgery and my vet was shocked at how perfect all of his levels were on a vegan diet.

Thanks for sharing their story and for all you do for our vegan pups."

Jaci P.

11 years on v-dog.

"Kenzie has been on V-dog for about 11 years now! She is beautiful inside and out :) "


No More Tremors.

"I wanted to write you and thank you for the amazing products you sell. We have already placed our second double order of your dog kibble and expect to be making many more purchases in the future. A few months ago, one of our dogs, Riggins started having these bizarre fits where only his head would start to shake. At first we were concerned that he might be having seizures, but after tons of research and visits to the vet we have concluded that he suffers from idiopathic head tremors. From what we've read about them they are likely harmless to the dog but do produce a sense of stress and confusion for them. It absolutely broke our hearts watching him experience these tremors. He always looked so scared and helpless. It was getting so bad that he was having multiple tremors a day (usually at night while he was dozing off). Well!! I am over-the-moon ecstatic to say that since starting on your food, Riggins has yet to have another tremor. Not one! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our (and Riggins') hearts. Your product gave us our healthy boys back and we are comforted to know that they will be around for many, many, more years to come ♥"

Melissa Charlton

Playful Pup Again!

"Earlier this year I transitioned to an entirely plant-based diet, and I started wondering about doing the same for my dogs. I was worried about the quality of animal products in their food, and a vegan friend of mine told me about v-dog because her dogs are also v-dog fans. After doing some research and reading about how v-dog helped reduce inflammation and gave older dogs so much energy and mobility again, I decided to switch my dogs to v-dog. My senior girl Willow, has arthritis, knee problems, and her hips were starting to bother her. She used to be such a playful dog and her mobility was becoming more limited. I had my dogs on a grain-free diet, and after we made the switch to v-dog, I noticed within weeks she had a ton more energy and was running, jumping and playing again with my 2-year-old pup. She lost excess weight, and keeps up with him now and it makes me so happy to see her have so much life again! Thank you v-dog!"


Forever young v-dog

"I love it when I tell people how Riley is 7 and they ask...7 months? He is a forever young v-dog with the softest coat, zero allergies and tons of energy. It's great knowing that I am feeding him the purest kibble formula available and showing how healthy a plant-based diet for dogs can be. Especially when he leads the pack at the dog park! Reducing his carbon paw print is very important to us, too. Thanks v-dog!"

Lindsay Rubin

Left for dead. Tod and v-Dog to the rescue.

Piggy's remarkable recovery story" I found Piggy as an injured puppy in the Dominican Republic (top before pic) on a volunteer veterinary campaign. He was almost dead; he was hit by a bus a month before we found him and he never got veterinary care until our team got there. I named him Piggy because he had no hair so he looked like a piglet. He still had his injured leg but there was almost nothing left of it. We were able to save his life by performing surgery right away and amputating the devastated leg. I adopted him and brought my new tripod dog back to the US. But he wasn't getting much better in the US. In fact, his hair was still sparse, and he was inflamed all over. We went to vets again and again trying to find out what was making him so ill. We checked him over for allergic bug bites but never found evidence he had any parasites since coming to the US. Finally, I changed him to a vegan diet, and eventually put him on a purely v-dog diet. His recovery was remarkable. His skin recovered, his inflammation ended, and his hair started to grow fluffy and healthy all over. He tripled in size and grew muscular enough to outrun most four legged dogs (bottom after pic). He looked so good on his vegan diet, that he began a modeling career. Photographers like to use him for sitting poses because they can show off logos and designer clothes patterns more on his side that's missing a leg, so it does not get in the way of the fashion pics."

Tod Emko

Wylbur - Before & After

"Wylbur used to have really bad allergies but since we started giving him V-Dog everything changed for good! His skin got better and his hair got soft and shinier. The best part is that he never had another allergy episode again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Fiorella Lewis

Health changed on v-dog!

I just wanted to thank you so much for changing my dog's life. My pug Napoleon was suffering from chronic bladder stones and had gotten to the point where he was refusing to eat. Both of our dogs were constantly tired, had terrible gas and bloating and were tipping the scales. We tried various diets from Blue Buffalo to Orjen dog food until one day I had a light bulb moment...why not look for a veg friendly brand for our pups. We are a family of vegetarians for the health and animal friendly benefits so why don't we do the same for our dogs?! After reading the reviews, we decided to give v-dog a try. When we received our first order our dogs went nuts. They could smell the product through the bag and instantly everything changed. Napoleon is now eating like a champ and both dogs have slimmed down. No more stinky farts or diarrhea and no bladder stones to date! My dogs are back to playing again and my only issue now is the daily begging for the minty V-dog treats (which is understandable). :) We are so happy and thankful for your product. I will recommend you to everyone!

Beth Nelson, Derek Collins & Family

Allergies - drugs didn't work - v-dog did!

I just started my Rottie on this wonderful food a few days ago, he has been having allergic reactions for the past three years now beginning with red, swollen, itchy, yeasty ears, to losing fur around his eyes and nose, and the last occurrence, he has had a purple/black circle the diameter of a large orange rimmed with a raised red circle for seven months or more now.

He has been on all kinds of diets, I was even making him his food at one point (he is a 100 lb rottie), was on antibiotics and steroids, and nothing helped, not even a bit. Four days ago he started on V-dog and his purple rash is fading, the red rim is completely gone, his ears are no longer itchy, or stinky and are a light peach/white color, fur growing back in. I am amazed and thankful that he is showing such progress, especially in such a short period of time. I cannot say enough about this fantastic food, thank-you V-dog!

Jessica Lodgaard

Fountain of youth

Thank you SO much V-dog!!! This is our 11-year old boxer, Emma-boo-boo -- she's had SO many health issues and we have tried her on EVERY kind of food (truly) -- BUT since we switched to v-dog (at the beginning of this year), her health has improved LEAPS and BOUNDS! Your food has improved her quality of LIFE drastically -- it's been an amazing thing to watch -- the RIGHT food makes ALL the difference -- she has so much more YOUTHFULNESS and BOUNCE...and NO more tummy troubles at ALL! Thank you thank you thank you -- we LOVE YOU V-dog! xoxo Love, **Emma-boo-boo & Co**

Susie Marino

No longer a poor eater!

I'm so grateful to you for making this fabulous product!!! We got Sammy at a shelter, and they told us he is a very poor eater. That was true until we got V-dog, which he loves and eats right up! A vegan food that dogs love – like a fantasy come true!

Elaine Aronoff

Food allergies cleared up. Shinny full coat. No longer itches.

"My two min pins can't wait to dig in to their vegan dog food!! One is diabetic w/ food allergies & this has been the only food to give him a shiny, healthy coat!! I have 3 min pins (only 2 were pictured because one is very camera-shy!) But in all honesty, I have never seen a food that all 3 have enjoyed as much as they do!! And what the food has done in terms of helping my one with the food allergies & diabetes is just amazing!!! His coat is the shiniest I have seen & he no longer itches constantly or has numerous patches of hair loss. So for that...I will be forever grateful & forever a loyal customer!!"

Marilu Rivera

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