Read the testimonials of other dogs whose activity levels increased eating v-dog


"Just wanted to let you know how much my 'Lucky' pup loves V-dog!  He's been on it for a year and a half and what a difference.  Lucky is 7 1/2 years old and he's like a puppy again.  More energy than ever!  Thank you for caring about animals!!"


Forever young v-dog

"I love it when I tell people how Riley is 7 and they ask...7 months? He is a forever young v-dog with the softest coat, zero allergies and tons of energy. It's great knowing that I am feeding him the purest kibble formula available and showing how healthy a plant-based diet for dogs can be. Especially when he leads the pack at the dog park! Reducing his carbon paw print is very important to us, too. Thanks v-dog!"

Lindsay Rubin


"Since switching to V-dog three months ago, Scooby has lost weight, has a softer coat, and has lots of energy. Before he wasn’t very active at all and had trouble with stairs. Now he has no problem climbing two sets up to our apartment. He’s a senior guy, but now he has so much energy sometimes he acts like a puppy. Thank you so much!"


"Both my 5 year-old and 12 year-old German Shorthaired Pointers love this food and are thriving! My 5 year-old runs every day and this food ensures he has the strength and agility he needs. And wow he has muscles thanks to lots of exercise and good nutrition. My 12 year-old pesters me until I feed him V-Dog for breakfast and dinner, and he's thriving as well, gaining muscle and has tons of energy."


Dramatic improvement for 13 year old Buffy

"The vet has just been round to give Buffy a check up and she was absolutely amazed at how well he is considering he will be 14 next birthday. She was happily surprised by his excellent muscle tone which she believed to have improved dramatically. A BIG change to the last time she saw him when we thought we were on a downward spiral. His skin was in a terrible state, he smelt dreadful, he was lethargic, stiff and in pain. I was giving him Metacam (doggie aspirin) daily. Since he started his new regime he no longer needs any meds. I honestly believe it is because we now have him on a vegan diet -V-Dog - and I add coconut oil and veggie pulp from our morning juices. Lying down behind you can see my retired racing greyhound who also loves his V-Dog. I cannot tell you how glad I am to have found you!"

Tisha Bryant

Fountain of youth

Thank you SO much V-dog!!! This is our 11-year old boxer, Emma-boo-boo -- she's had SO many health issues and we have tried her on EVERY kind of food (truly) -- BUT since we switched to v-dog (at the beginning of this year), her health has improved LEAPS and BOUNDS! Your food has improved her quality of LIFE drastically -- it's been an amazing thing to watch -- the RIGHT food makes ALL the difference -- she has so much more YOUTHFULNESS and BOUNCE...and NO more tummy troubles at ALL! Thank you thank you thank you -- we LOVE YOU V-dog! xoxo Love, **Emma-boo-boo & Co**

Susie Marino

Just what he needed!

"Noah has been on v-dog for about 6 months now, and he acts and feels so much better, it's truly amazing. We've been telling everyone about v-dog and how great it is. Noah used to get tired on our walks, and I hesitated to take him too far from home but since he's been on v-dog, his energy has greatly increased. He doesn't get tired on our walks anymore, and now when we get home, he still wants to run around and play! It's wonderful to see him thriving like this! I had made the change after taking him to the vet for a lump in his chest. Thankfully the lump turned out to be benign. While we were there though, the vet told me about how many supposedly "good" dog food brands still had tumors in them which could be the cause of these lumps like I found on my sweet Noah. I've been vegan for several years and already had it in my mind that I wanted to make this change for my dog, but that's the day I decided not to wait another second to switch things up for him. I feel so much better about serving him healthy food that is in alignment with my values, and I love that he is doing so well on it!"

-Adelia S.