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Yes, the rumors are true. We LOVE dogs. I mean, who doesn't? Really, here at v-dog, we're just a small team of vegans doing everything we can to save and protect (and snuggle) all animals, not just pets, while also preserving our planet's precious (and limited) resources one dog bowl at a time.

Health & Nutrition

Vegan dogs? Is that even healthy? Absolutely! In fact, countless dogs all over the world now thrive on our nutritionally complete and AAFCO-approved kibble. Formulated by canine nutritionists and veterinarians, our formula contains prebiotics for better digestion, healthy fats, and essential amimo acids to ensure your pup enjoys a long and healthy life.

Animals & Planet

All kidding aside, we're in this business to save animals and preserve the planet. We're ethical vegans first and a company second. Back in 2005, we realized the pet food industry needed a cruelty-free, healthy option for dogs if we wanted to make a difference in lowering emissions, conserving water, and ending animal agriculture. We hope to realize that future together (humans and dogs).

I'm in. Now what?

We're thrilled you're transitioning your dog to a vegan diet. You might be a little nervous at first. You want to make sure your pup is getting all their nutrients. Rest assured that once they transition, you can expect healthy digestion and extra fast zoomies. Simply replace your dog's current food with a third of our kibble every few days until they fully transition. It's that simple.