Allergies COMPLETELY gone!

"My labrador suffered with horrific allergies since the day I brought him home. His digestive system was so messed up from being a stray and having 3 different types of worms that he had liquid stool for almost an entire year after I adopted him. He originally ate Iams dog food which the vet suggested I switch, so I tried Blue Buffalo. He still had trouble digesting the food and he also started developing skin problems. He would scratch his skin raw. I switched him to simple ingredient foods and also tried rare protein sources. Still, Rothko had allergies so badly his skin would bleed. I felt lost and had no idea what to do until my aunt bought him an allergy test. I found out Rothko was allergic to almost every single meat source. I think the only one he isn't allergic to is salmon. He is also allergic to a ton of the grains and by products found in conventional dog food. I was so nervous to try a vegetarian dog food because dogs need meat right? But I was wrong, I soon learned dogs are omnivores and can thrive off of either. Even though I was still incredibly skeptic because the genetic make-up of a dog seems to suggest they are carnivores. But we fail to recognize how much we have domesticated the dog. Also, we fail to realize that conventional dog foods are made from scraps of slaughterhouse floors. If you buy conventional dog food you have no idea what is really in that food. It's the nastiest of nasty slaughtered animal parts, mixed with blood and bile. Look it up, do your research if you honestly care about your dog's health. Rothko has been eating V-dog for a year and his allergies are COMPLETELY gone, not only that but he has more energy than he EVER had before v-dog. He is 4 years old and simply thriving!! I am so thankful for what v-dog has done for my best friend. I would do anything for him! If your dog is suffering from any allergy or is living a lack-luster, un-energetic, overweight life, I cannot recommend v-dog highly enough! It has changed my dog's life around. Thank you v-dog! P.S.- my veterinarian is happy that I feed him a vegan dog food and agrees that is it a healthy option for dogs."
Caitlyn Wilson

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