“We adopted Guinevere in the summer of 2009 from the dachshund rescue in Atlanta.  We arrived at the agreed upon site to meet her, a pet store not too far from the foster home.  The first thing she did when we met her, was to pee a giant puddle in the middle of the store.  That was a sign of things to come.  She had some kind of issue that even if she just went outside, she still would sometimes just come inside and pee.  A daily problem that was just part of our life, that is until V-dog.  We had tried other foods before, but it made matters worse and we'd come back to the original kibble.  After a discussion with my vegetarian coworkers on the ability for dogs to be vegetarian, I wondered if a vegetarian kibble for dogs existed. After a web search, I found V-dog and thought it sounded pretty good, and was happy to give it a try really for the sake of my pups not eating ground up discarded animal parts that may or may not have diseases.  As soon as it arrived, I put some out mixed with their regular food so as not to switch them over "cold turkey" so to speak.  All 3 doxies were picking the V-dog out of their old food and eating it FIRST, they loved it. So, no problem with switching. After a few weeks of V-dog, we noticed Gwen was peeing in the house less often, and that tapered down to almost never, a problem she/we had lived with for 5 years, gone.  At this point, they've been on V-dog for about a year now, they just went to the vet the other day and being "seniors", they had their blood workup. The vet called with the results, everyone had immaculate bloodwork.  Our vet said "keep them on whatever food you've got them on". I told her they were now on vegan kibble, and she said "well it certainly is working for them, they are nowhere near borderline of anything."  So we no longer live with the mess to clean up, and our 3 pups are all happy and healthy.  Heck, even I pop a piece in my mouth every once in a while, happy knowing the food isn't full of dead animals, but rather life giving plants :)"
Brian Young

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