Retired service dog thriving on v-dog for 9 years!

My aging Anatolian Service Dog Baklava, now retired, loves V Dog!
He is going blind, deaf and has bad hips. I made him a bowl stand, so his back legs won't collapse while eating. I made a second bowl stand for water and treats, in the living room/art studio where he likes to be with me.

Compared ingredients to several other brands, and by far, V Dog is the best.
Since having an animal rescue for 15 years for specific animals, turkeys, chickens, ducks,
bunnies, guinea pigs, and turtles, I often have apples, carrots and bananas for them and chop up for
Baklavas breakfast. Sometimes add, turmeric, ground flax seed, sunflower/olive oil, and peanut butter powder,
mixing warm water to soften everything to easily eat since he grinds his teeth at night down to the gums and now his tongue comes out like he is sticking it out to me. 🤭

I got him from a local shelter just before a bad parvo scare where they shut down the shelter for weeks and put some animals down. I was just trying to save a life, not use for service, but when my vertigo got worse, invested a hundred dollars for a guide harness to see if he would take to it, otherwise I would donate it. He wanted the job! He will stop me while we are walking, stepping in front of me because he knows seconds before when a bad wave will hit and perhaps make me fall. He will not let me pass until the wave stops.
His brilliance does not stop there. He makes me take a breath when I stop breathing 25 times a night, and knows when my bladder is full, waking me to the bathroom, and walking me back to bed, like he is sleepwalking. No harness, just guiding me.

I had him for nine years. He was two.
He had a hard first two years with battle scars still visible today on his face, a split ear and a still tender back paw. I don't know what could have happened to him to grind his teeth.
All I know is he has been a blessing and a joy to me, a mentally, physically, handicapped aging widow.

We have had a good life together.
He is a character in a comic book, and graphic novel, I am writing. Chewy sent him a self-portrait oil painting.
He has been on eight planes from NY to Seattle, Niagara Falls to a seven-day New Year cruise to Mexico and Honduras. Had lunch with an astronaut in Houston, NASA Space Station,
He stayed at four-star hotels, hand fed fresh macaroons in bed at the Frontenac Hotel in Quebec, Canada.
Met musicians and politicians. Kept me alive for nine years.
I love him so. I try to make sure the last moments of his life are happy.
V Dog, makes sure he stays healthy. Thank you. ☮💗🐶

Linda Maria Salerno and Service Dog Baklava

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