At age 10, Tripp is a highly active dog

“Our rescue, Tripp, has been on V-dog for nearly his entire life, and he continues to thrive at age 10. Tripp is a highly active dog and still enjoys swimming in the lake and jumping off the dock as well as monitoring the frequent packages arriving to his door. He is a busy guy! Fortunately, Tripp has been very healthy throughout his life, and we credit this back to his plant-based diet and the energy it provides to him. He enjoys Kind Kibble each day and loves his Kind Jerky treats and Breath Bones. Feeding Tripp a plant-based diet is important to us in an effort to honor other animals, and we have been so pleased to be able to rely on the healthy and nourishing products provided by V-dog. With V-dog’s tested formulas, we are able to confidently feed Tripp plant-based food and know he’s receiving all the nutrients that are critical to his health and happiness. Thank you, V-dog!”

Jenny P. 

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