Happy, allergy-free pups!

"Leo, Bella, and Eva have all been on v-dog for roughly 2 months and we've noticed such an amazi... "

No more allergies!

"A v-dog haiku: Rommel loves V-Dog Healthy German Shepherd Dog No more allergies" Heidi "

No more itchy skin!

"This is our Luna. She loves her v-dog. She doesn't look amused but when the UPS man delivers he... "
The Dye Family

High quality and hypoallergenic!

"Harry received his first bag of V-Dog last week! He picked it out of the bowl so he could eat i... "
Dale Galliford (@dale_galliford)

Gentle on digestion

"V-dog basically saved my dog Laydie’s life, and also saved me thousands of dollars in additiona... "

Improved skin, fur, and energy

"My dog is about 6 years old, that's what the vet guessed. We adopted him about 8 months ago. He... "
Robert & Simon

No more prescription diet!

"I'm grateful you all make this high quality food that my English Lab isn't allergic to!  You ar... "

Happy, healthy, and allergy-free!

"Chapman is a happy, healthy, allergy free V-dog :) Thanks for making such a great product!" Mi... "

Cleared up eye redness!

"My pups' names are Olivia (longhair), Izzy (white shorthair), and Oogie (grey and white shortha... "

Beautiful and Itch-free!

"After using V-dog for over 3 years, it's safe to say we are hooked and for good reason. Before ... "
Devan Ciccarelli

Allergies and tear stains GONE

"Sue had prominent tear stains and actually fur loss under his tee shirt because he had develope... "
Morgan Taylor

Clear skin and yummy food!

"I would LOVE to see more animals on a plant-based diet.  So much healthier and it cracks me up ... "

Perfect bloodwork!

"My dog Nikita has been on V-Dog for almost 6 months now and I took her for blood work. Her doct... "

Rash-free and happy as can be!

"Hi! My name is Pumpkin. When I was 4, my moms and I went vegan! Before that, I would get bumps ... "

Healthy and Happy

"Just want to thank you for continuing to provide a vegan choice. My dog is allergic to animal p... "
Linda N.