Perfect for our senior Chihuahua!

"Our first shipment of V-Dog mini bites arrived yesterday and our dogs tried it for the first ti... "

My 15-year-old still acts like a pup!

"Beautiful vegan thriving 15 year old senior that acts like a pup. Never one health issue. She l... "
Parker Jones

My German Shepherd lived to 17 on v-dog!

"Milo loved his v-dog food and treats. He thrived on it too. He lived to be an active 17-year-ol... "

No more frequent vet visits for my senior dog!

"My fur baby, Jackson, is a 15-year-old golden retriever chow mix rescue who absolutely adores v... "
Noel Lehr

Spry Senior

"I went vegan in 2012 and felt great.  I decided to research veganism for pups and I found V-dog... "

Convenient and worth every penny!

"I am not sure how much easier it gets than to order your products that already contain all the ... "
Jo and Koa Kissler

Vets can't believe it!

"When I went vegan to reduce animal suffering just over 4 years ago, I switched my German Shephe... "
Meg Pasquini

My dog lived to age 20 as a vegan!

"My dog Seven, a longtime V-dog customer, lived to the wonderful old age of 20. His little broth... "
Jill Breslauer

Stellar Bloodwork

"My dog Kobe has been eating v-dog for over a year now and it's been absolutely incredible, with... "

Checks all the boxes!

"Our boy Duke is 13 years old. My husband and I adopted him from the Humane Society 11 years ago... "

No more health problems or medications!

"Harry is 16 years old. He had developed arthritis, cataracts, allergies and horrible skin probl... "

Improved health at 13

"Our wiener dog has been vegan for 1 month and his health has greatly improved. Hes a happy 13 y... "

Clear skin and yummy food!

"I would LOVE to see more animals on a plant-based diet.  So much healthier and it cracks me up ... "

Like a puppy again!

"My 8 year old cocker was slowing down, and it was painful to see him getting old. I started fee... "

Perfect bloodwork!

"My dog Nikita has been on V-Dog for almost 6 months now and I took her for blood work. Her doct... "