The answer is V-dog!


"I am a true devotee! I first started feeding V-dog to my aging pit...several years ago. It completely changed his health and well-being...he went on to live to be 17. His weight and coat improved....arthritis disappeared...even his pee accidents ended completely and his phenomenal energy and agility amazed everyone! When walking with him, neighbors always asked, "what's his secret?" The answer was V-dog! I am so grateful that his quality of life was directly improved by feeding him this awesome vegan dog food. Our new dog has loved V-dog from the day he joined our family. Not sure what he ate in the shelter but V-dog has totally been working it's magic again. I'm a loyal and hearty cheerleader for this incredible dog food! Yay for plant powered pups! Thank you V-dog!!!"

-Cynthia K.

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