"My pit bull Otis has been on this stuff for a while now and my 8 week old rescue Boston Terrier, Oscar, has been on it for 4 days and I just wanted to give you an update on how that's going.

I brought Oscar to the vet today for his first set of shots and I was asked 'are you feeling puppy food?' I replied with 'I am not' and I explained that I'm feeding him vdog and that it was vegan kibble. I too told them that it's technically an adult dog food and that lots of people have successfully done this with their puppies and their testimonials are on your website. There was zero judgement at all in the room and they seemed to he on board with my decision - when I proceeded to show them the ingredients they green lit me immediately and told me that the ingredients are better than just about anything that they've seen on the market and if Otis (my pit bull) is any indication of how great of food it is, they don't want me to change a thing! I love that my dogs are eating this stuff and enjoy 'food time' as much as they do!"


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