"My two and a half year old rescued pittie mix, Karma, made the switch two months ago, and she has never looked better. I'm absolutely amazed by her transformation in such a short time by this food! I was definitely skeptical at first, but she was turning up her nose at every "top quality" brand name food I offered her, so I decided to give V-Dog a try. She immediately and FINALLY began eating like she loved meal time, and now waits excitedly by the bag! Since she's so picky, I knew she would give me an emphatic WOO HOO if she could!
I get compliments daily on how beautiful her coat is, she always outlasts every other dog at the park, and she never farts anymore (which makes this food worth it's weight in gold for that reason alone, you know what I mean fellow pittie owners!) or has the bad breath that used to plague us both. If you do just a small amount of research, it's not hard to understand how and why our domesticated companions are omnivores like us, and like us, will thrive on the RIGHT kind of plant-based diet.
As for my Karma, she is definitely a V-Dog for the rest of her life! Thank you for making an excellent product that is truly the best for our pets health, the animals, and our planet!"

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