3 Ingredient Vegan Soft Dog Treats [RECIPE]

Looking for an easy-to-make treat that is both vegan and soft? Look no further than our super duper simple recipe! We hope your pup loves 'em. 

3 Ingredient Vegan Soft Dog Treat Recipe 

[Makes about 12 little treats; 100% vegan/gluten free]

2 tbs oat flour (or flour of your choice) 

1 tbs creamy organic plain peanut butter

1 tbs soy milk 

Simple Steps: Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl and hand form the dough into little balls (or any cute shape you'd like). Store the treats in the fridge up until the expiration date of the soy milk.

Pro tip: These treats can also be used as pill pockets for dogs who need to take meds! 



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