Sanctuary Spotlight: True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission

True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission is a dedicated group of volunteers with one goal in mind: saving senior dogs. Located in Venice, Florida, this rescue provides senior and hospice pups with a lifelong home and sanctuary.

"We have 40 seniors that live at the ranch," says Lisa, who founded TFPRM in 2014. "5 acres of paradise! They have such amazing personalities!"

As an animal lover, Lisa wanted to help the older and handicapped dogs that are difficult for shelters to adopt out. "I felt how terrible is it to die on a cold steel table surrounded by strangers," she says. "There is nothing worse in this world than to feel unwanted and unloved."

TFPRM is home to several end-of-life and hospice rescues, who are given a chance to live out the rest of their lives in a safe environment and bond with volunteers. 

Learn more about TFPRM on Instagram @truefaithfulpetrescuemission.


"Buddy is the true meaning of his name.  Easy going and a pleasure to love. A 3 year resident of our rescue, Buddy celebrated his 16th birthday with his human & fur family.  Buddy’s mobility is closely monitored.  With age comes arthritis and medication adjustments are frequent to keep him moving, healthy and pain-free.  We all LOVE our Buddy!!!"



"A week ago Levi left the shelter emaciated with sparse hair, very dry yellow scaly skin and toenails so long they curled into his paw pads.  We assume he never had a dental because there are only a few teeth left.  Lab work is pending to check his thyroid.  Today Levi enjoys daily soothing baths, medicated foam for his yeasty skin in addition to as much soft senior food & treats his heart desires.  Levi is a quiet little Maltese that will be a very loyal dog once he is healed & ready for adoption."



"Sparky aka Sparkalicious was wandering the streets of Miami emaciated with severe dental disease.  Rescue NEVER stops and the day after Christmas Sparky got the best gift ever.  Immediately leaving the shelter Sparky went for a life saving dental.  Once his infected mouth healed and he gained weight he was strong enough for his neuter.  This sweet boy at the tender age of 15 now enjoys delicious meals & treats, tons of hugs and he always charms us with his crooked little smile."


Looking to adopt a new fur baby? Consider rescuing a senior! Seniors make loving companions and often spend much longer at shelters waiting for their forever home.


Hooray for seniors! Here at v-dog, we're all about the health and longevity of our pups. V-dog is a vegan owned and operated family business in San Francisco that makes plant-based kibble and treats. We've seen thousands of pups thrive on our plant-powered products since 2005 (including lots of seniors!). 

V-dog Senior Spotlight

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