3 Meat-Based Dog Products Recalled

February 21, 2018

Due to contamination, Redbarn Pet Products, Gravy Train, and Darwin's Natural Pet Products have all separately issued recalls on their products this past week.

  • Redbarn's Bully Sticks were recalled for potential Salmonella contamination. Learn more.
  • 60% of Gravy Train canned food samples tested positive for the euthanasia drug pentobarbital, which has led to a recall and class action lawsuit. Learn more.
  • Darwin’s Natural recalled ZooLogics Chicken and Vegetable Meals for Dogs and ZooLogics Duck and Vegetable Meals for Dogs, both of which were potentially contaminated with Salmonella. Learn more.

With recalls being such a frequent occurrence in meat-based pet foods, it's important to do your research and purchase from a source you trust. Choosing a plant-based pet food eliminates many of the risks for contamination and leaves rendered slaughterhouse waste off the menu.

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Hooray for healthy, sustainable, and cruelty-free dog food! Since 2005, v-dog has seen thousands of dogs thrive (and then some!) on our nutritionally complete vegan formula. Our kibble is free of byproducts, fillers, and common allergens, making it a safe and healthy choice for pups of all shapes and sizes. 

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Sources: PetFoodIndustry.com: Redbarn, Gravy Train, Darwin's Natural

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