An all plant based diet helps you maintain a healthy and full life. It can do the same for your dog!


Vegan Dog Food Helps Your Bestie Live a Longer, Happier Life and More!

Aging is a natural process, be it us or our companion animals. Just as with ourselves and our human loved ones we want to help our fur babes live a longer, healthier and fully enjoyable life. They certainly deserve it!

 Much like human beings, the lifestyle your dog lives greatly influences both lifespan and overall health. You know, keeping them exercised and up to date on their vaccines, regular veterinary check ups and good grooming practices along with plenty of affection contribute to your best buddy’s lifestyle, but what about diet?


Healthy Diet Healthy Life

More and more people embrace a solely plant-based, or vegan, diet for their own health. There’s plenty of scientific evidence supporting vegan diets and their influence on longevity, chronic diseases and overall quality of life. Could the same be true for dogs? Could you effectively help your best buddy live a longer, healthier and happier life by feeding them an all vegan diet as well? 

 The answer is a resounding “Yes!!” And there is scientific evidence supporting the claim. According to a report published in the research journal Science Daily on April 13, 2022, nutritionally sound vegan diets proved to be the healthiest and least hazardous dietary choices for dogs. 

The Study Supporting Vegan Dog Food

The study, conducted at the University of Winchester in the U.K., examined the link between diet and health in over 2,500 dogs. The pups were fed a conventional meat diet, a raw meat diet or a vegan diet. Study leader Andrew Knight and his colleagues analyzed the survey data they received from the dogs’ guardians. The survey questioned the dogs' overall health, the number of vet visits, and use of medication (other than vaccines, preventatives and typical medications given post-neutering), and inquired about 22 specific health conditions normally influenced by diet (allergies, digestive issues and the like).

The study found that, of the three diets, dogs fed conventional meat diets fared worse than those who regularly consumed raw meat or vegan foods. Between the raw meat and vegan fed doggos, researchers found the raw meat diet associated with nutritional imbalances as well as pathogens they did not see in the vegan diet. All evidence pointed to the vegan diet as being the healthiest for dogs. 


More Good News for Vegan Doggos

Still not entirely convinced? Wonder if your four-footed bestie might come up short in some dietary needs? Well, any good pet parent should be concerned but not to worry.

As we know, dogs are descended from wolves who are carnivores. Throughout their history, these carnivores subsisted on the flesh of prey animals. As dogs became less wolf and more dependent on their human friends for food, they adapted to a more omnivorous diet. Evolution supplied our doggos with the ability to transform certain amino acids into the specific nutrients that were necessary to their health. 

Wolves need plenty of protein to survive but dogs, through evolution, developed the ability to metabolize carbohydrates and live healthy lives while consuming far less protein. 

Not only do dogs maintain their health far longer when fed a vegan diet but they thrive. Vegan dogs are less likely to develop a weight issue and all that goes with that. There are many pups who are prone to pancreatitis. The absence of animal products in vegan food eliminates the saturated fats that contribute to this painful and dangerous condition.


How Do You Get The Right Nutritional Balance in A Vegan Diet for Your Dog?

Getting the right balance of nutrients for your dogs’ best health is a concern for those adopting a vegan diet for their besties. That age-old question vegan humans hear again and again “but where do you get your protein” becomes less tiresome when you’re concerned for your four-footed bestie. Then there’s the fat; how much good fat is enough for Fido? How much Fiber? Vitamins? Aminos? Will your precious pup be lacking in any nutrients by you switching them to vegan dog food?

When you go with a trusted vegan dog food that’s approved and even recommended by vets and the regulatory organization Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) you know your dog is getting everything they need and moreover, nothing they don’t want like bacteria and pathogens. 


V-Dog uses plant-based superfoods as the base of their formula for vegan dog food. All the boxes for good health are checked, including 24% protein which is the recommended amount and AAFCO-approved. Your bestie will be satisfied and lack in no essential nutrients, we promise.


The Benefits of Feeding Your Bestie Vegan Dog Food

There are so many benefits to feeding your amazing doggo a vegan diet. Not only will your dog be much healthier but you’ll benefit and so will the planet. Here are some of the most beneficial results you’ll realize when you feed a vegan diet your puppers:


  • It’s rare that your dog will experience any tummy troubles or digestive issues. Vegan dog food contributes to a healthy gut.


  • Because 70% of your pup’s immune system is in the digestive tract your dog’s immunities will be stronger. Plant-based diets contain far more natural pro- and prebiotics and fiber than other diets. Your dog experiences a more balanced gut microbiome with a vegan diet. 


  • So much kinder to the environment. A lot goes into meat production that makes for a huge impact on the environment. Water, feed, and the methane produced by livestock leave a mighty big footprint on an already-taxed planet. Feel good about what you feed your bestie and the effect on our world.


  • Stinky pooch? Switch to a vegan diet and see how much sweeter those snuggles can be.


  • Lastly, the risks for cancer, hypothyroidism and joint and bone issues are drastically reduced when your doggo is fed a vegan diet.

A Full and Happy Life 

 All in all, placing your dog on a vegan diet contributes to a long and healthy life. The number of years doesn't matter if your pooch is in pain, debilitated or just not enjoying their usual activities. With a vegan diet, just like with human beings, not only will you add more years to their life but are life to their years. Love your pooch? Want them to live a full and healthy life? Feed them vegan dog food.


Author: Colleen D



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