Pup-safe Lawn and Garden Nutrients

Pup-Safe Lawn and Garden Nutrients That Beautify Your Yard While Protecting Your Dog


You’ve probably heard the old cliche “going to the dogs,” and if you’ve said it in connection with your yard, it’s probably time to renew and restore the soil, just to perk things up. Here are some dog-safe nutrients that will not only beautify your yard, but put a new spin on what “going to the dogs” means.


Compost: Composting is the answer to a couple of household issues – it’s a fantastic way to feed your soil, it’s made at home, and it’s an Earth-friendly way to dispose of a lot of your kitchen waste. 

Technically, it’s a soil amendment, not a fertilizer, but it adds nutrients back into the soil, in a dog-safe, cost-conscious way. The good news is, if you compost at home, what you cook in your kitchen is what ends up in your compost… and your yard. So a vegan cook can make vegan compost.


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Alfalfa Meal: Forget blood meal – alfalfa meal is an eco-friendly, vegan way to supplement your soil nutrients. It’s often used as feed for livestock, but it’s a great, inexpensive way to supply your lawn and garden with the minerals they need to thrive. 

If you can’t find alfalfa meal at your local home improvement store, a quick Google search turns up a number of options for sale.



Kelp Extract: Call it the fertilizer of the sea. Kelp extract fertilizer will put the crucial nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium back into the soil in the right proportions, as well as trace minerals and other micronutrients. 

There’s definitely no shortage of kelp in the world – some species can grow 2 feet a day!

Lawn maintenance is top dog!

A little sweat and muscle from you will keep your yard clear of dog waste – which has the potential to kill your grass with nitrogen burn, promote lawn fungus, contaminate groundwater, and just plain looks disgusting. Make poop pickup a daily or weekly thing, and you, your dog, and your yard will see the instant benefit.



A word on pesticides.

The use of pesticides is debatable under vegan principles, since the philosophy calls for the end to cruelty or exploitation of animal lives, and the whole point of pesticides is to kill the insects, rodents or other life forms deemed a nuisance.

Instead of using harmful pesticides, you can go the cruelty-free natural route! 

Whether you are preparing to welcome a good boy or girl into your family, or just taking a closer look at the yard where Bella or Zeus hangs out, there are lots of pet-safe, earth-friendly options to sustain a beautiful yard. If you’re looking to encourage a thick, lush lawn to grow, or putting in a vegetable garden, making the right choice means a beautiful yard and a happy dog.


Author: Franziska Stanley is mom to both a fantastic teenage human girl and a peanut butter loving, teenage pittie boy who was adopted from the local shelter. 

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