FAQ - Can dogs be vegan?


Can dogs really be vegan?

Yes! :) Due to thousands of years of evolution alongside humans, dogs are omnivores (not carnivores!) and have adapted to digest plant-based foods. Unlike their ancestors, domestic dogs possess up to 30 copies of AMY2B gene for digesting plant foods. As a result, all modern dog breeds can easily get all their nutrients from vegan sources.

Since 2005, we've seen tens of thousands of dogs thrive on v-dog kibble. Vegan diets for dogs are naturally hypoallergenic, easily digestible, and anti-inflammatory. Many dogs also benefit from better oral hygiene, improved skin/coat, and weight management. V-dog kibble is veterinarian-approved and meets all AAFCO requirements for adult dog nutrition.

Review the most recent discussion of the newest study presenting evidence of the health benefits of feeding your dog a plant-based diet (particularly using v-dog kind kibble). Visit the discussion here on our YouTube channel.


Are there studies on vegan diets for dogs?

Yes! We've compiled some of the top peer-reviewed research on vegan dogs here.


Will my dog like the taste?

We've formulated our products so that they're both nutritious and tasty. We consistently hear from customers that their pups not only love the v-dog kibble but actually prefer it over their old food!

If your dog is a picky eater though, you can always add some nutrition yeast on top to incentivize them. You can also check out our savory topper recipe for an easy way to spice up your pup's kibble.

Need some convincing? Check out our Reviews page for testimonials from even the pickiest of pups.


How do I get started?

You're getting ready to order your first bag of vegan dog food, and you're excited, but maybe a little nervous to make the switch. You might ask yourself, "Will the transition be difficult? Will my dog be missing any nutrients?: We've broken it down in the simplest way possible so you can feel confident about your dog's new diet.

As long as you choose a formula that is nutritionally complete and balanced like v-dog, your pup will receive all the nutrients they need in their diet. Look for a food that meets AAFCO guidelines, which ensures that the formula has been third-party tested for nutritional content.

Transitioning your dog to a vegan food is just like transitioning to any other new food. A period of 5-10 days is generally a good transition period, starting with a third of the new food to two-thirds old good and gradually increasing to 100% new food. It's that easy!

Once your pip is fully transitioned, you should expect normal, healthy digestion. Then you can decide if you want v-dog delivered right to your door with a customizable subscription (and a recurring order discount) so you never forget to restock your pup's kibble.