Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2005, V-dog has seen dogs of all shapes and sizes thrive on our nutritionally complete plant-based kibble. We are a vegan owned and operated family business and manufacture the kibble in southern California with high quality standards and zero product recalls to date. Hooray for healthy, cruelty-free dog food!

Can dogs really be vegan?

Yes! :) Through thousands of years of evolution alongside humans, dogs are omnivores (not carnivores!) and they've evolved to digest starches 28 times better than wolves. Dogs can get all of their nutrients from plant-based sources and are often healthier, leaner and more energetic when consuming vegan food. Other benefits of feeding your pup a vegan diet can include elimination of allergies, better oral hygiene, improved skin/coat, and weight management. If our testimonials page here doesn’t convince you, check out some of the research and facts on vegan dogs. (PS: Did you know one of the Guinness Book’s world’s oldest dogs “Bramble” the collie was a vegan?!)

Can puppies eat V-dog?

V-dog is technically an "adult formula," since it is expertly formulated with AAFCO standards for dogs 1 year and up. We have heard feedback from many customers letting us know that they've successfully raised younger puppies on v-dog: Check out Durango Animal Connection's story on our blog about raising 30+ foster puppies (and a nursing mamma!) successfully on V-dog, and our story about Bulldog puppies raised on v-dog. Please feel free to email support@v-dog.com for more information on puppies or for a vegan veterinarian recommendation.

My vet does not support a meat-free diet for my dog. What do I do?

Here at v-dog, we work closely with several veterinarians. See our new "Vets & vegan dogs" page here! We cannot offer official veterinary advice, but we are happy to connect you with a vegan veterinarian if you email us at askthevet@v-dog.com. 

Is V-dog ok for senior dogs?

Yes! We have many senior v-dogs thriving on our kibble with less arthritis/weight issues and great energy. See some of their stories here.

What if my dog has allergies or a sensitive tummy?

We've heard excellent feedback from customers with itchy dogs, sensitive stomachs and skin/coat issues. You can check out their stories on our Testimonials page! Since V-dog is a pure plant-based dog food with no corn, soy, wheat or gluten, it is easily digestible and tends to help with allergy-related doggy ailments.

Does V-dog help with weight loss?

Many of our canine customers shed unwanted extra weight when they switch over to v-dog kibble. This is because it is a pure, lean, highly-digestible plant protein formula. Yay for faster ball-chasing!

Do I need to add anything to the V-dog?

Nope! It’s fully supplemented with everything in it your dog needs to thrive including 24% protein, L. carnitine, taurine and many other whole foods, vitamins and minerals.

Do you make cat food?

At this time, we are focusing on expanding our vegan dog products, but are considering cat products down the line!

How much should I feed my dog each day?

Check out our feeding guidelines here. (bottom right)

Can diabetic dogs have V-dog?

We have heard many success stories from diabetic v-dogs. Check out some of their stories here.

What if my dog is prone to urinary crystals? 

V-dog kibble provides 100% complete nutrition for adult dogs and includes ingredients for urinary tract health such as Methionine and cranberries. Please visit this page at vegepets.info for veterinary/scientific details on this topic. 

What is the nutritional breakdown of V-dog?

You can feel confident that v-dog kibble will meet your dogs needs since all of the vitamins and minerals in v-dog kibble are formulated to meet or exceed all guidelines for adult dog nutrition per AAFCO guidelines. Dogs have been thriving on our formula since 2005 and we have never had any issues with dogs being deficient on our formula. Please email V-dog at support@v-dog.com with any questions about our nutrition.

I thought taurine and L. carnitine are animal products?

Both our taurine and L. carnitine are from plant-based sources. 

What size are the kibble pieces?

The kibbles are small and suitable for dogs about 6 lbs and up. They are about ½ inches in diameter and the thickness of 2 or 3 dimes stacked on top of each other (about 1/8 of an inch). The kibble can also be moistened with warm water to make a wet food-like texture for teeny tiny dogs, dogs with teeth problems, or for dogs who like yummy wet food. (*Update: We are currently working on the return of our small bag with mini kibble pieces. Please email support@v-dog.com to be notified when this product is available for purchase!)

How many cups are in each bag of kibble? 

Our 30lb bag holds approximately 125 cups of kibble. Our 20lb bag holds approximately 83 cups of kibble.

What materials do you use for packaging?

Environmental sustainability is extremely important to us here at V-dog. The paper used for our kibble bags comes from a certified sustainable forest and all of our packaging and products are made right here in the USA to ensure lower transportation emissions and high quality standards. 

How big/small are the breathbones?

Breathbones are hard chews that become soft and break apart as your dog licks and chews. (YUM!) We currently offer 'mini' and 'regular' size breathbones. For more info or to buy some for your pup, click here

Does V-dog offer any coupons?

Since we're a small family business, we offer discounts from time to time (stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates!), but the best, ongoing discount we offer our amazing customers is our 'Subscribe and Save' option. If you sign up for a subscription order, your pup's V-dog arrives at your front door automatically at the monthly or weekly increment you set and you save 5% on every order. 

How do I set up a subscription so V-dog arrives to my doorstep automatically?

To set up a subscription, choose "Subscribe and Save" on the page where you choose which kibble bag you'd like to add to your cart, then proceed through the checkout process. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $9.99 per bag of kibble. For most order combinations, you can add up to three cases of treats to your order without any added shipping fee. Large orders over 80lbs experience a heavy shipping fee. Please visit our shipping page for more information! (TIP: Check out our subscription option for 5% off every order!)

Which carrier do you ship my V-dog order with?

Your order arrives to your home via UPS. To set specific delivery options, please visit UPS My Choice

What if there's a shipping delay?

To help prevent kibble outage emergencies at home, we recommend you plan your order to arrive at least 1 to 1.5 weeks before your kibble bag runs empty. Luckily, here at V-dog, we are doing everything in our power to totally eliminate shipping delays or hiccups. We've switched to two new, super-advanced warehouses and we continue to increase production as the demand for our yummy vegan dog products continues to rise! Please be sure to note national holiday closures in relation to when you need your pup's food as they may cause slight delays with shipping. 

What if my dog doesn't like it? (REFUNDS)

We feel very confident that your dog will love the v-dog! Order refunds are on a case-by-case basis. We cannot offer "change of mind" refunds or refunds on shipping, and v-dog cannot pay for return shipping fees. We're here for you, so if there are any issues at all with your V-dog product, please simply email or call *before 14 days pass from the time of your order* and we're more than happy to assist you! In case you haven't seen them, here are some stories from a portion of our thousands of happy, healthy (furry!) customers.