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kind kibble
Breeland S.
Best food ever

Perfect food for both young and old dogs. Healthy , keeps teeth clean , keeps us out of the vet office. Maintains a healthy weight. Bonus ? Great for the environment. WIN WIN !

kind kibble
Matthew J.
Very satisfied

Our two pups (a scrappy 23 pound terrier and a bulldog) both love and thrive on v-dog. Our bulldog struggled in all kinds of other expensive food and but got on well with v-dog right away. They clearly love the taste too.

Excellent product. Thank you so much; I tell everyone I can about v-dog.

Your subscription system is awesome and food is always delivered on time. Appreciate you all!

mini bites kibble
Clarice H.
Great product

My pug loves this dogfood, and it
Keeps her at a healthy weight. She has so much positive energy and can hike up to 10 miles

kind kibble
Zikeeyeh A.
Best dog food ever.

I wouldn't feed my dogs anything but v-dog. I trust this company. The ingredients are everything they need and nothing they don't. For anyone who doesn't think dogs can thrive on a plant based diet, I'm here to tell you they will.

Perfect for small dogs

My 2 pugs love it and it’s easy for them to chew. My only request would be to have a large bag option. I have to buy 2 bags every 2 weeks for my pups.

Our dog's consistent top choice

We have tried pretty much every vegan dog food out there. Our dog always comes back to this as her favorite. She is five years old now and very healthy with a silky coat. Thank you, v-dog, for being such an important part of our doggy's village.

kind kibble
Roberta C.
Charlie and Theo Love V-Dog

We have been purchasing V-dog since 2012. My past and current dogs have thrived on V-dog. Currently I have a healthy Golden Retriever who weighs 70 pounds and is 5 years old and an English Cocker I adopted in 2022 who weighs 32 pounds. Both are the perfect weight their coat is beautiful and more importantly they love their food. Charlie and Theo are pictured below.

kind kibble
Angela R.
Great Food

My dogs both love this kibble. They’re snackers, so I leave it out for them all day, but they never get tired of it and they’re excited when I refill their bowls. And they get clean bills of health from the vet every year since starting V-Dog. We switched kibble because one of my pups had high liver values a couple of years ago. That’s a thing of the past now.

kind jerky
Amanda G.
Our pup loves the jerky!

Our 3-year-old pup demands a bit of Kind Jerky after each meal, before he will leave the kitchen - he loves it!

Our pup loves Happy Harvest

We've been giving our 3-year-old pup a heaping spoonful of Happy Harvest each mealtime with 3/4 cup kibble (admittedly not vegan yet) for a few months now, and he gobbles it up each time.

breath bones
Kelly R.
They smell divine!

Do they work on humans? Seriously, these breath bones smell so yummy. My dog Rufus loves them. They take a bit longer to chew than other dental bones which I appreciate. His teeth are in good shape! I give one after dinner/before bed.

My baby boy has had skin allergy problems. We tried everything we can think of. The kibbles from V dog help him. We will keep him on V dog kibbles definitely.

kind jerky
Martha G.
The Best :)

My dogs love kind jerky right after their morning walk… Excellent treat!!

kind kibble
mark b.

Bear and I love V dog!!!! He always downs his food quickly even though try to tell him to slow it down lol

kind kibble
Michelle S.
Best food!

My wiener mix and boxer mix went vegan around 8 years ago and it was the best thing I could have done! My wiener mix had congestive heart failure and still lived to be 17! I’m convinced it was because of her diet and exercise plus the medication that allowed us to have her with us for so long. My boxer mix is 8 and still has puppy energy!

kind kibble
Still the best

I've been using Vdog kibble since I adopted my dogs a year and a half ago. Their blood tests all come in great and they're healthy. I tried another plant-based brand that was more expensive and they preferred the Vdog!

kind kibble
Yay compassionate dog food!

I've been feeding my dogs vdog for around 6 years. I add some fresh food to it. My Dane is 9 years old which is at the "end" of her life expectancy and she still acts like a young and wild woman.

kind kibble
Melanie C.

So glad there is a nutritious plant based option foe my dogs that they love!

kind kibble
William M.
Great Customer Service

Our order was shipping to the wrong address. Vdog group caught it and change the shipping in time during the delay, suggested a few veggie meals for Moose that he loved! They did everything a pooch owner could have asked for. Thanks Vdog team!

V-Dog saved my dogs life

Your dog food itself helped 3 of my dogs come back from bad health. The Mini Bites are perfect for my little dogs. They eat better.
Thank you

My dog is HOOKED on VDog Jerky!!

She turns her head away to any other treats!!! And only wants these!! Expensive treats but so's worth it! I don't get my nails done so I can save money for her VDog treats!! LOL

kind jerky
Newer formulation is my dog's favorite treat

We tried the jerky when it first came out and gave up on it due to texture issues. We received a second bag as a gift and it contained delightful chewy treats! Anna told me they responded to customer feedback to improve the product. I am writing a review in case there are other early adopters who did not get a chance to try the improved formula.

Since then we order regularly and this is by far my dog's favorite treat. He loves them whole (of course!) and as training treats when broken into smaller pieces. They are a very high value treat for him.

kind kibble
Beagle approved!

My senior dog loves it. He was a picky eater before vdog. Now he’s eager for ever meal. Goes great with puréed pumpkin.

kind jerky
Tasty treats!

The Kind Jerky is such a hit with our dogs, it's a perfect high value treat for training and great everyday reward for being cute!

wiggle biscuits - peanut butter
She LOVES wiggle biscuits

We adopted our dog who had GI issues while on typical meat dog food and meat treats. We switched her to vdog and within 3 days we noticed a big difference with her health. She loves v-dog kibble and wiggle biscuit treats. We love keeping her healthy. We have been buying v dog for 1.5 years and highly recommend.