Why Vegan Dog Food?


 ABSOLUTELY! Dogs are omnivores and can obtain all their nutrients from vegan sources. 

🧬 Unlike their ancestors, domestic dogs possess up to 30 copies of the AMY2B gene for digesting plant foods.


💚 At v-dog, we like to keep it simple. We make dog food that tastes delicious, meets nutritional requirements, and does no harm to animals.


🙌 Hooray for healthy, cruelty-free dog food!


🐶 Since 2005, we've seen thousands of dogs thrive on v-dog kibble.


👍 Vegan diets for dogs are naturally hypoallergenic, easily digestible and anti-inflammatory. We're helping dogs of all shapes and sizes finally get relief from chronic symptoms.


🌱 The unfortunate reality is that slaughterhouse waste and byproducts form the base of most pet food. V-dog provides all of the nutrition your dog needs without any of the junk they don't. 


 We make it easy to feed your pup a nutritionally balanced plant-based diet. 

👩🏽‍⚕️ V-dog kibble is veterinarian-approved and meets all AAFCO requirements for adult dog nutrition.


🥦 Our products are packed with yummy plant-based protein and superfoods, making them a hit even among the pickiest of pups.


❌ We never use any corn, soy, wheat, byproducts, or fillers.

"My pittie mix was suffering from skin rashes. I tried every type of food out there, from kibble to raw and every type of meat possible without any luck. I did some research and decided to give v-dog a try for a few months, but after just the first month I saw my dog's skin get so much better. A year after, I took her to the vet for a checkup and her bloodwork came back perfect too. Thank you a million times for creating this product!"

- Diana

 Ready to switch your pup to the kindest, healthiest dog food on the planet?