Why We Support Animal Place's Lifesaving Work

July 13, 2020

Our late founder, Dave Middlesworth, was an ethical vegan who launched v-dog as a way to help dogs and save animals. His wife, Linda, has been an animal rights activist for decades. Over the years, the pair crossed paths with Animal Place, a farmed animal sanctuary located in Grass Valley, CA, through various activism and farmed animal events.

Living in Sacramento, Dave and Linda were always big supporters or Animal Place, one of the only local animal sanctuaries at the time. V-dog's team would table annually at Animal Place's summer events and pass out dog food samples. After Dave's tragic passing in 2014, Animal Place named one of their pastures Middlesworth Meadow in honor of his support.

V-dog remained connected to Animal Place and spoke at their fist ever Farmed Animal Conference in 2017, which brought together supporters of farmed animal rescue from across the country. 

Animal Place is an eye-opening place to visit. Visitors can meet the rescued animals, hear their stories, and bring along friends who are interested in learning about adopting a vegan lifestyle. The sanctuary has provided refuge to hundreds of neglected farmed animals since 1989 and works hard to educate the public about the importance of farmed animal rescue.

There are so many ways to take action for animals. Visit animalplace.org to learn how you can help by becoming vegan, volunteering, interning, donating, adopting and rescuing.


V-dog is committed to making 100% vegan and cruelty-free products to carry on Dave's mission. Interested in learning how your pup can make the switch to a plant-based diet? Read stories from hundreds of thriving vegan dogs here and check out the resources below.

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