Can I Feed My Dog Homemade Vegan Food?

While many of us love the convenience of a fully-supplemented kibble, others are interested in incorporating homemade food into their pups' diets. Whether you want to toss some veggies in with your dog's v-dog kibble or make an entire meal from scratch, this is the guide for you!

Remember that v-dog kibble meets all AAFCO standards for adult dogs and requires no supplementation. Adding treats, homemade food, and fruits/veggies is a great (totally optional) way to add some variety to your dog's diet. 

"I feed my dog kibble but want to start adding fruits and veggies"

According to vegan veterinarian Dr. Wakefield, pure fruit and vegetable snacks can safely make up 10% of your dog's diet without concerns about balancing nutrients. Healthy fruits and veggies include carrots, green beans, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, blueberries, and cantaloupe (among others). Be sure to wash and remove the skin, seeds, and pits and cut into bite-sized pieces. 

"I want more than 10% of my dog's diet to come from fresh fruits, veggies, or homemade food"

If you're planning to have more than 10% of your pup's diet come from food that isn't formulated to meet AAFCO nutrition standards, keep in mind that the homemade portion will likely need to be supplemented. While whole foods are rich with certain nutrients, getting the balance just right as a long-term diet can be tricky. We recommend consulting with your vet before making the switch to a fully home-cooked diet.

"My dog is always drooling over what I'm eating! Is it safe to share?"

Many "human foods" are completely safe and healthy for dogs. Always remove pits and seeds and cut into small chunks for your pup to snack on.

Avoid the following foods, as they can be toxic to dogs: grapes, raisins, chocolate, caffeine, cherries, alcohol, bread dough, xylitol (in sugar-free foods), macadamia nuts, onions, garlic, avocado, rhubarb and mushrooms.

When in doubt, consult your vet. Stick to foods without additives and feed only in moderation. New foods can cause stomach upsets, so be sure to introduce slowly.

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