5 Vegan Dog Facts that Will Shut Down any Naysayer

We've all been there...someone on social media hears that your dog is vegan and the questions come flying in! Here are 5 fast facts that you can bust out for the skeptics.

#1 - One of the longest living dogs in the Guinness Book of World Records, Bramble the collie, lived to age 25 on a vegan diet


#2 - There isn't a single essential nutrient that dogs can get from meat that cannot be obtained through a vegan diet

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#3 - Studies show that beef, dairy, and chicken are the 3 most common food allergens for dogs

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#4 - The AMY2B gene allows dogs to digest plant foods and has copied 30 times over the course of their domestication

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#5 - Dogs have been thriving on v-dog kibble since 2005, often seeing major health benefits like allergy relief and improved digestion

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