Meet Stardust Animal Sanctuary's Rescued Residents

Who doesn't love a rescue story? In this Sanctuary Spotlight, we're excited to share the stories of 7 rescued animals at Stardust Animal Sanctuary in Richmond, Illinois. 

Stardust Animal Sanctuary is a small grassroots organization dedicated to saving animals from unjust situations and providing them with a place to call their forever home. The sanctuary's animal residents often have urgent medical needs and require emotional healing after being rescued.

Thanks to Stardust's incredible team of volunteers and support from the community, these animals get the opportunity to live out the rest of their lives in a safe and loving environment. Let's meet some of the residents!

Saraphina the pig

Saraphina 🐷

Saraphina came to Stardust after she fell off a slaughter truck, going to a finishing plant when she was only three weeks old. She was born on Christmas Day. She's now forever safe at Stardust.

Peanut the goat

Peanut 🐐

Peanut lost her leg due to a tragedy before she came to live at the sanctuary. Stardust stepped in to save her life while she was in critical care. Peanut also has a disease found in goats (CAE). Nothing stops this girl from being on the move, and Stardust is with her every step of the way.

Brando the dog

Brando 🐶

Brando came to Stardust from Michigan. He needed help with severe separation anxiety and fear aggression, and Stardust was his last hope. The sanctuary has been by Brando's side throughout his journey. 

Violet the horse

Violet 🐴

Violet was a former carriage horse and rescued by Stardust on her last day of life. She was diagnosed with degenerative suspensory ligament disease throughout her body. Violet has many special needs, and Stardust will provide her with a lifetime of love, compassion and support. Violet fell in love with her soulmate horse, Zippy, who also lives at the sanctuary. They recently tied their bond with a horse wedding. 

Tay the dog

Tay 🐶

Tay is a special needs senior paralyzed from the waist down. She is still unsure of most people and other animals, however she is always smiling. Tay needs intensive daily care, but her spirit is strong and inspiring. 

Olivia the dog

Olivia 🐶

Olivia, a Hurricane Katrina survivor, needed some extra tender loving care since she was an overall protective fear biter. Now that she's with Stardust, she can relax and her needs are met with unconditional love and attention.

Bean the duck

Bean 🦆

Bean and the other Muscovy ducks came to Stardust after losing their family and home. They now have love, freedom, safety and each other for the rest of their lives.

Stardust is a nonprofit that relies on donations to care for its animal residents. Please consider donating at Thanks for supporting farmed animal rescue!

Learn more about Stardust here, and check them out on Instagram @stardustanimalsanctuary.

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