FAQ - About v-dog


Who is v-dog?

We're a totally different kind of dog food company! Since 2005, v-dog has seen dogs of all shapes and sizes thrive on our nutritionally complete plant-based kibble. We are a family-owned vegan business dedicated to making products that are better for your pooch and the planet. Hooray for healthy, cruelty-free dog food!

Our all-vegan team is made up of the most dedicated animal lovers, most of us with fur babies of our own. We work each day to ensure that you and your dogs are happy and that our products are providing them with the ultimate source of nutrition and joy. Learn more about our story.


Is v-dog completely vegan?

Yes! We're 100% plant-based. All the members of our team are completely vegan, and we're dedicated to preserving our environment and realizing a planet free of animal cruelty. As a mission-based company, we also work with manufacturing partners to achieve plastic negative certification and source our ingredients from farms that never exploit animals.


Where is v-dog available?

V-dog is currently available in the US for online ordering and at select retail locations. Are you outside of the United States? Good news! Our international brand, v-planet is available in a growing number of countries. Learn more at v-planet.com and @v_planet_pets.