5 Places to Sponsor a Turkey this Thanksgiving

Each year, up to 46 million turkeys are killed in the US for Thanksgiving. Slaughtered at a young age of 5 or 6 months, these turkeys are just babies nowhere near their natural lifespan of 10 years.

This Thanksgiving, we urge you to consider a plant-based option. Check out some of the best vegan turkeys and holiday roasts on the market here, and keep reading to learn how you can sponsor a rescued turkey and save even more lives.

5 (of many!) places to sponsor a turkey this ThanksLiving

These animal sanctuaries rescue turkeys and other farmed animals from slaughter, mistreatment, and neglect. Your donation goes directly towards providing care for animals who would otherwise not have the opportunity to live out their lives in a safe, healthy, and loving environment.

#1 Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

For $35 to $50, you can sponsor turkeys like Amy and Danielle, who were rescued from a factory farm at 3 months old after being cruelly de-beaked without anesthesia. Donate here.

#2 Farm Sanctuary

Sponsor a single turkey for $35 or a whole flock for $150. Many of Farm Sanctuary's turkeys, like Tutu and Venus, were directly saved from becoming someone's Thanksgiving dinner. Donate here.

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