November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month

November is National Adopt A Senior Pet Month — this month is dedicated to helping senior pets find forever homes!

People tend to over look the older pets in shelters, and usually look for puppies and kittens.
Older dogs and cats have a much higher chance of euthanasia and can often live the last years of their lives in a shelter without being adopted. 
Because older pets are usually much more relaxed and have far less energy than puppies and kittens, it’s can be much easier to care for them! In fact, many senior pets already know basic tricks and manners.  Seniors move at a much more calm pace, are generally less demanding, and can fit in well in many kinds of households. It can be much easier to keep an older pet entertained, check out these senior dog toys:
And here are some ideas for fun things to do with your senior dog:

When you adopt a puppy or kitten from a shelter you will have a lot of work ahead of you! Young pets take a lot of time and patience to potty train and teach manners etc. Senior pets have often ended up in a shelter after already living in a home, so they’re usually already house trained- which is a huge plus!

When you adopt a senior pet, you’re saving a life. You are giving them a loving home to live out the rest of their years in happily.

Because they are aging they’ll need regular vet care, preventative care, and dental care to stay in good health. 

Many senior adopters have said they would never go back to adopting a younger pet. Seniors are a wonderful addition to the family. 

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