V-dog Goes Plastic Negative with rePurpose Global

August 26, 2020

V-dog has partnered with rePurpose Global, the world’s first plastic credit platform, to go “plastic negative.” Through this partnership, we’ve committed to removing two times as much plastic from nature as we use for all of our v-dog treats.

We’ve chosen Taka Taka Solutions in Nairobi, Kenya as our waste removal partner. Taka Taka has removed thousands of pounds of plastic from the environment, employs hundreds of local workers and helps offset global emissions through their sustainable waste-removal work. (Learn more about Taka Taka here.)

“At v-dog, being vegan and sustainable is at the core of everything we do. We're always interested in learning and being better, which led us explore how to improve our packaging. We're so excited to partner with rePurpose Global as we work to improve our packaging supply chain and help our planet heal through waste removal.” - Lindsay Rubin, VP at v-dog.

Learn more about our partnership with rePurpose Global here.

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